Word Work Directions: For this week you are responsible for completing four different kinds of sorts. At the top of your response page, highlight which sort you complete each day. You must cut out the words and arrange them in the correct column.

The Daily 5 Checklist
Week of:
Word Work
Word Sort
Brainstorm or Open sort
& Synonym
Speed Sort

Word Sorts

Writing sort- Begin by selecting one of your sort words to label each column as a category header. You should write the words under the correct category header. Record your work in the “writing sort” chart.

Writing Sort

Brainstorm or Open Sorts

Brainstorm sort- Write the category headers your teacher gave you at your sort group meeting at the top of the columns on the “Brainstorm” chart. Using the categories, think of as many words as you can that aren’t on your sort list that might also fit under the categories. You MUST have at least four words in each column. You may use books and other text to help you think of or find words. Write the words you think of on the chart.

Open sort-Create your own categories for sorting your words. Decide on at least four category headers and write them at the top of the columns on the “Open” sort chart. Use the categories you create to sort all the words in your sort list. Write the words under the appropriate category header on your chart.

Brainstorm or Open Sorts


Definition and Synonym

Synonyms and Definition- Write five of your spelling words in the spelling word column. Identify a synonym -a word that means the same as your spelling word- and write the word in the synonym column. In the definition column write your own student created definition for the word. You may use other resources to help you find the meaning of the word, however the definition that you write must be in your own words. This will be useful for you when completing you sentences for homework.

Definition and Synonym

Definition- Using your own words write the definition of your spelling word





Speed sort- complete three separate speed sorts. You may time yourself using this link to online stopwatch. For this sort, use the categories explained to you by your teacher during your sort group meeting. Record you times in the space provided.
Speed Sort

Trial #1.
Trial #2.
Trial #3.